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Why did I decide to post this website and why am I a health nut? 


Well, my beautiful Mother developed breast cancer followed by disseminated stomach cancer and died on Christmas Day in 1982, six months after I got married.  She was 51. She was the heart of our small family and we were utterly devastated. I miss her to this day. When the stomach cancer was diagnosed, the doctor told her that it would best if she just gave up and slipped away. We could not believe what we were hearing and my Mother was deeply shocked at being told, essentially, that she was going to die and sooner would be easier than later. Like all of us, I guess, she felt she had to try everything in a vain hope to beat this terrible disease and so decided to take the chemotherapy, and everything that goes with that.


She died 6 months later. 


On reflection, the specialist was probably right but we could not accept his advice at the time. It was beyond awful and I felt totally powerless to help her in any way. All we could do was love her and hold her hand until the end. This is what drives my interest, my constant searching, my refusal to believe that things can’t be fixed or improved or relieved in some way.


I never wanted to feel that powerless again.


A tremendous amount of progress has been made in both natural and allopathic medicine since 1982.  It turns out, there is an enormous amount that you can do for your health and longevity, even with serious conditions.


Although I am not professionally trained, I have nevertheless met and consulted with many healthy professionals for my own and my family’s health issues, as well as learning from friends what has worked for them and constantly reading and researching myself.


It is 2021, I am 60 years old, still full of energy and rarely get sick. I am a healthy weight and yes, I eat a healthy diet; probably healthier than most. Do I drink Alcohol?  I do, but generally in moderation on weekends.  Do I eat chocolate? A bit, generally dark chocolate and raw organic chocolate when I have the time to make it.  Am I super healthy all the time?  Er…no, I’d be lying if I said ‘yes’. The wheels absolutely fall off from time to time.  I am only human and as I often say, “Sometimes you eat for your health and sometimes you eat for your soul.” 


Getting the balance is the trick – I try to eat healthily about 80% of the time.  Sometimes I  manage it and sometimes I don’t. What’s important is knowing when you need to ‘clean house’, restore and repair and when you can afford to throw caution to the wind.  It’s a personal choice, a sliding scale......


At one end of the scale, you have a lifelong health nut who lives, eats, supplements and exercises 100% healthy, 365 days of the year (I can think of one who, at 37, has a biological age of 20 but let’s face it, this is not going to be most of us!) 


At the other end of the scale you have someone who eats and drinks unhealthily, smokes and doesn’t exercise.  There are enough articles in mainstream media to know that this 2nd lifestyle will probably lead to heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, or many more chronic conditions.  


Where you want to be on this scale is determined by what you put in your body and what exercise you take – and you don’t have to kill yourself at the gym or run marathons unless you want to!  Interestingly, it seems that genetics may not always play as big a part as you may think.  It's true that some conditions are genetic and there is not much that you can do about that.  However, the study of epigenetics indicates that certain genes can be switched on and off by what you put in your body, cleansing the body and by healing both mind and body. 


Have I always been healthy?  Absolutely not.  Not even after my Mother’s death as I did not understand what healthy really meant. I was young and invincible and figured as long as I had 2 types of veggie with supper and was taking some exercise, I was doing fine. We lived overseas, in the Middle East and Asia, for over 30 years and in my younger days, rich food, smoking, drinking and socialising were very much the norm.  However, when my Mum was dying in hospital, she held my hand, looked into my eyes and asked me to promise to give up smoking. So I did.  I thank her every day and wonder if I would ever had had the willpower to do it without that promise.


So when did I change?  Well, the first time I really saw a tangible change in my health was when I cured my lifelong eczema through the Food Combining diet in 3 weeks flat.  I was 29 and living in Kolkata (Calcutta as it was then). The Food Combining diet is known to help arthritis, migraine and many other conditions. I have known it cure and alleviate arthritis.

To read more about Food Combining click the button 


Many years later, in Singapore, I met and consulted with a talented health practitioner who had a degree in Pathology/Medical Sciences, a Masters of Holistic Nutrition in Naturopathy and was a trained homoeopath.  She really transformed our health and opened my eyes.  My husband had just had a full medical.  Our GP was concerned because, for the first time, all his blood test results were borderline and he was worried that the following year, they would cross that line into the red zone.  So, I hauled him off to this wonderful natural practitioner.  After testing, she gave him supplements to correct deficiencies, to cleanse and detox and put him on a raw food diet for 3 months. 


I decided the whole family would follow the raw food diet and take a broad spectrum organic whole food supplement. Three months later, my husband went back to the GP for re-testing.  Our GP was stunned because all the results were firmly back in the green zone and he wanted to know what he had done. As a bonus, my daughter’s complexion also cleared up and the terrible period pains she used to have, had disappeared.  On a visit to our GP, he commented, with admiration, that my daughter had the lowest organ fat he had ever seen. 


And so it went from there. My eyes were opened.  I now firmly believe that you have the power to improve your health, your energy, longevity and your Zest For Life. 

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