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Disclaimer: I am not a qualified health practitioner.  You should always consult a qualified health practitioner if you are sick. Opinions expressed on this website are my own or come from my own experience or research

Cabbage Leaves
Lemon Tree
Apple Harvest

In the year 2000, the Soil Association in UK quoted figures from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs that trace minerals in the UK fruit and vegetables had fallen by 76%.  Similar figures from the United States Department of Agriculture indicated that this wasn’t just a British problem.


In the US, during the last 70 years, the level of iron, a vital mineral for good health, has dropped 55% in the average rump steak. In fact, every naturally occurring mineral in meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy was anywhere from 10 percent to 40 percent lower than 60 years ago.


This is said to be a global problem.


Best Sources of Minerals for Humans


1. Plants

2. Animals that eat plants


Why Are Minerals Important?


Minerals are essential building blocks that make up 96% of our body. Minerals control millions of chemical and enzymatic processes which occur in the human body every second of the day. The same is true for animals.  Some examples include:-

  • They allow food to get broken down from big bits to smaller bits ready for absorption.

  • They allow your liver and kidneys’ detoxification pathways to work,

  • On a genetic level, they support your genes and genetic code to work properly to make sure genes and your cells are replicating correctly.

  • They maintain electrical and water balance in the body,

  • They transmit nerve impulses

  • They stimulate muscle contraction.

  • They are responsible for bone growth and structure.

  • They are important for mental health  - depression, anxiety, bi-polar, schizophrenia, ADD, ADHD and more.

So collectively, minerals play an enormous role in the body and this knowledge shows us how important minerals are for mankind's survival.


Minerals are like the spark plugs in our bodies.  You can put in as much fuel as you like but without a broad spectrum of minerals, it just isn’t going to work right.


The body can’t make minerals, we must obtain them from plants (or animals that eat plants).  The body is able to make some vitamins eg vitamin B in a healthy gut, and plants can provide a reasonable range of vitamins, but without minerals, vitamins can’t be properly utilised.  As you can imagine, the implications for health are, therefore, serious.

Most people understand the need for a healthy diet, exercise etc but do not realise the importance of trace minerals that are severely lacking in our soil and hence in our diet.

What Do Minerals Do Exactly?


Here is a selection of a few trace minerals and their function in the human body:-

How Many Minerals Do We Need?


A lot more than you think!


There are more than 100 mineral elements found on earth. Four of these, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon and nitrogen make up 96% of our body.


The remaining 4% of our body is made up in part of 70 or more minerals, most of which are no longer readily available in our soils but of crucial importance to our health.


Government and Scientific Guidelines


Major Minerals:        Considered necessary in our diet in amounts of more than 100mg per day. 

                                    There are 7 major minerals:-


                                     Calcium             Sodium

                                     Magnesium      Chlorine

                                     Potassium        Phosphorous




Trace Minerals:        Considered necessary in our diet in amounts less than 100mg per day.

                                   The most I can find listed as essential are 13.  These are:-


                                    Iron                   Manganese           Silicon

                                    Zinc                   Fluoride                 Vanadium

                                    Selenium         Chromium             Cobalt

                                    Iodine               Molybdenum

                                    Copper             Nickel


Together with major minerals, that makes 20.  But what about the other 50 that our body needs?



Where have all the Minerals Gone?


The human body needs 60-70 minerals but even with an excellent diet you will only be getting about 8-12 minerals.  If you are eating a processed diet, you may only be getting 3 or 4.


 A 1/3 of UK produce is grown hydroponically. Synthetic vitamin C and about 13 other minerals are added to make the produce grow but where are the other 57 minerals that the body needs?


Plants take up minerals and water from the soil through their roots. 


Science has shown that millions of years ago, the soil near the surface was saturated with at least 84 minerals and in some places 100 minerals. 


Science has proved that plants in prehistoric times were rich in minerals because the soil was rich in minerals.

Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

We now know that the mineral content of plants has been severely altered in the last several million years and drastically reduced in the last 100 years.  When man began to till the soil, wind and rain erosion along with continuous crop farming gradually reduced the mineral content of the soil.


Mineral rich soil is now hard to find.  Soil tests all over the world reveal that our soil is now severely lacking in minerals.  This, in turn, leads to mineral deficient plants and animals, resulting in greatly reduced food value for humans.

The Problem with Fertilisers and Pesticides

Spraying pesticides.jpg

We now have scientific proof that the soil is depleted of minerals. Farmers have known this for years. Chemical fertilisers, in the form of concentrated potassium, nitrogen and phosphorous, have been used since the 1900s.


With the drive for higher and higher yields, the dependence on intensive, chemical dependent farming using pesticides, herbicides and fungicides has depleted the soil of nutrients and destroyed bacteria and fungi that create organic matter essential to plants.  In some farmed fields, organic matter has dropped alarmingly to 1% or less.  But organic matter is essential to plants and hence to sustain life on this planet.

Cow and Calf

American, Elmer E Heinrich is the author of the book The Root of All Illness.  His grandfather used to raise cattle about 70 years ago.  The cattle were given feed grown at that time and flourished.  However, cattle these days, he says, must be supplemented or they may be malnourished, stunted, sickly, suffer hair loss or abort their calves.  Elmer Heinrich says this because of a lack of minerals in the soil.

Essentially, the functionality of the soil is being destroyed. The good news is that the quality of the soil can be improved. Research is validating the use of a more natural approach to farming using less tillage, crop covering to restore the soil and biological controls to keep pests in check.   


The bad news is that farming practices are slow to change.


Yes, the world is growing vast amounts of plants for us to eat but in nutrient depleted soils enriched with chemical fertilisers and treated with pesticides.  At best, soils are treated with fertilisers containing potassium, nitrogen, phosphorous, calcium and sulphur. The plants grow and the yields are high.


But what about the other 65 minerals that are needed by our bodies for optimal health?  The ones that we know are missing or depleted in the soil?

A couple of years ago, a pharmacist working with a professor at Bath university conducted a study of organic and non-organic food bought from a supermarket. The food was churned down using bile acids and enzymes just as it would be digested in the stomach.  They took samples and analysed them. 


Results:      Both samples showed virtually no traces of selenium.


Selenium deficiencies in crops and livestock have been reported in all regions of the world including the United States, the UK, Finland, Denmark, Sri Lanka, New Zealand, Australia, India, Canada, Thailand, Africa, and China and selenium supplementation has become common practice in agriculture (Levander, 1986; WHO, 1987; Oldfield, 1999).


Selenium deficiency has also been implicated in the incidence of a heart disorder (Keshan disease) and bone and joint condition (Kashin-Beck disease) in humans in various parts of China (Chen et al., 1980; Yang et al., 1983).


More recent research has shown that selenium deficiency also adversely affects thyroid hormone metabolism.  It has also been implicated in a host of conditions including cancer, heart disease, immune system function, and reproduction.


Indeed, 25 essential selenoproteins have now been identified in humans, many of which are involved in catalytic functions in the body (Papp, et al., 2007; Rayman, 2012).

The above are the implications of just one trace mineral deficiency.

What Else Causes Mineral Deficiency?

Sports Facility 3
 Young Woman Contemplating
Old Couple

Extreme exertion, stress and exposure to environmental pollution raises our requirements for minerals, especially for zinc, calcium and iron.

As we age, the absorption of minerals slows down as the assimilation process slows down.

Prescription Drugs

Many drugs cause the body not to be able to absorb as much minerals as it should. 


A classic case is acid suppressing medications – there is a lot of research on this.  For example, there is link with lack of bone density because:-

Less stomach acid = Less ability to absorb minerals such as calcium = Loss of bone density.

This is What a Full Spectrum of Minerals is Capable Of Doing

Peter Willoughby had a horrific motorbike accident back in 1980.  He had a head on collision with a lorry.  The lorry driver was drunk and, deciding that he had better not hang around, proceeded to drive forward over Peter and then reverse back over him. Every bone in Peter’s body was crushed except for his spine and his right arm.


Peter spent a year in hospital and several years in a wheelchair.  Having been a young, active, hard-nosed guy working in the city of London, he spent the time thinking, “I have lost so much of my life. Will I ever get it back?”   He had so many operations that he lost count.


By the age of 27, he was finally able to walk but had come to the end of the road as far as what surgeons and therapy could do for him.  His consultant told him, “This is as good as you’re going to get.” 


And then his doctors told him that he could expect to be back in a wheelchair by the age of 40.  


Peter felt as if he had been hit by a sledgehammer and his heart sank.   He could not believe that after years of operations and therapy, he would only get 13 years use of his body.  And there was no wheelchair access at that time.


Peter was desperate to find something to prevent, what his doctors felt, was his inevitable physical decline.  He had been told to expect osteoarthritis and severe problems with his joints, so many of which had been screwed together.  So, he focussed on eating a super healthy diet and took himself off to the local Health Shop to see what they could suggest – mostly vitamins and omega oils.


Then, the internet arrived and Peter was able to widen his research.  All the talk was about vitamins for preventing future health problems and it was only when he read articles by Gary Price Todd and Linus Pauling, that it hit him – minerals may be the key to health. A phrase in the early 2000s struck a chord in him:


"You can trace almost all disease/problems to a mineral deficiency"


This set him on a path to discover the truth about minerals.  His research led him to a report by the British Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food looking at the decline in minerals in our food since the 1940s. The study was conducted over the period from the 1940s to 1991.  Over this time, 5 reports were produced. Peter was deeply shocked at what he read and this was a turning point.  For example, figures quoted in the report for the decline of minerals in vegetables :-


                                                   Loss of 49 percent of their Sodium content

                                                   Loss of 16 percent of their Potassium content

                                                   Loss of 24 percent of their Magnesium content

                                                   Loss of 46 percent of their Calcium content

                                                   Loss of 27 percent of their Iron content

                                                   and a massive 76 percent loss of their Copper content


Raw Vegetables

Iron showed a 60% loss in boiled spinach


Iron showed a 71% loss in boiled swede


Copper showed a 96% loss in boiled spinach


During the 51 year period carrots lost:-      75% Magnesium

                                                                            48% Calcium

                                                                            46% Iron

                                                                            75% Copper

Potatoes and Roots

During the 51 year period Potatoes Lost:    30% Magnesium

                                                                            35% Calcium

                                                                            45% Iron

                                                                            47% Copper

Sheep in Open Fields

As animals feed on plants, not surprisingly, similar results were seen in a range of meats, dairy and eggs.

Peter soon realised that the best source of minerals you can get are plant minerals.   We are, after all, designed to eat what the earth provides us ie plants – not what man has constructed in a laboratory.  Food state mineral is always going to be best.


But where can you find plants with a full spectrum of 60-80 minerals?  You must go back to prehistoric times when the soil was rich in minerals.  Advancing glaciers would crush plants and trees grinding them into plant/humic shale.  This is often found along seams of coal. 

Peter finally found a company in the US who were using such prehistoric humus in their product.  Despite the eye watering expense, he shipped litre bottles of their mineral liquid over to England and started taking it every day.


A few years went by and Peter found himself out of breath for no reason.  After a few weeks, he mentioned it to his wife.  Fearful for a husband who would always be dealing with the results of severe physical trauma, she grabbed the car keys and took him straight down to A&E at the local hospital.


Following an X-Ray, pandemonium broke out and Peter was put straight into an ambulance and rushed to the Royal Brompton hospital in London where one of UK’s leading heart specialists worked, Professor Anthony Rickard.  No-one else would touch him.


“Young man, you should be dead,” exclaimed the Professor, which was a good start to the conversation!  “You have an aneurism, but not a normal one, which is generally about 3-5cm.  You have one the size of a cricket ball, about 10 ½ cm.  It’s incredible. I have never seen one so big.  It should have burst and killed you.”  No wonder Peter couldn’t breathe, the aneurism was flattening his lung.


Professor Rickard went on to explain that the aneurism was sitting on the aortic arch, just above the heart where the main artery comes up.  He said that the accident created the weakness in the aortic arch and that the aneurism should have burst and killed him.  You just don’t survive those types of accident. 


Looking at an angiogram on a big screen of what was going on in his chest, they could see the blood flowing around the aneurism.  It looked like a washing machine.


But the one thing that stuck with Peter was when Professor Rickard said… 


‘Whatever you have been eating, whatever supplements you have been taking is the reason why you are alive today because this aneurism should have burst.  There is no reason why it should have grown to 10 ½  cm except that your arterial walls are not showing any signs of hardening, calcification or cirrhosis.  They look like the arteries of a fit teenager.”  All Peter had been doing was consuming these plant-based minerals.


Peter had a massive operation and eventually made a full recovery.


After Peter’s extraordinary case, Professor Rickard started to research into minerals and their therapeutic effect on heart health.  Sadly, he passed away before he could finish his research.


It was clear to Peter that the minerals he had been taking had saved his life.  As he was committed to taking these minerals for the rest of his life, it seemed crazy to continue importing them from the US. 


To cut a long story short, he bought the company in the US and went on to develop his own products – a pleasant sizzling drink, capsules or powder containing 75 trace minerals as well as 200g of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.  He ended up leaving a lucrative job to devote all his time to developing these products.


Peter is now 58 and has no need of a wheelchair. Although unable to enjoy sports due to his injuries, he swims regularly and goes to the gym where he works out with light weights and the walking machine.

So, We Should Supplement with Minerals, Right?

Pills on Spoons

Well, given the lack of minerals in the soil worldwide, in my opinion, if you take just one supplement, choose to take a broad spectrum of minerals (well, and vitamin D too please, in the winter).  But not all minerals are created equal. 


A broad spectrum of micro or trace minerals are essential for good health if they come from an organic/plant source. In contrast, if they come from an inorganic or metallic source, such as heavy metals, they are toxic.


For example, iodine in an organic form is necessary for health (see iodine in my article Eating For Health and Vitality or click here.

However, non-organic or metallic iodine in the same amount can kill you.

Non-Organic Metallic Minerals

Crushed Stone Selection
Dried Clay
Railway Tracks

Non-organic minerals are, essentially, ground up rocks and clays.  An Iron supplement is a bit like licking the railway track!  Supermarket minerals are made like this and you will be lucky to absorb 5-8%.


Chelated minerals, whilst still in metallic form, are chelated/bound with amino acids which improves absorption by up to 40% eg zinc citrate, zinc malleate, zinc bisglycinate. However, you need enough stomach acid to break the mineral bond so the mineral can be ionised (electrically charged) and absorbed by the body. So, if you are taking acid suppressing drugs…….


This type of mineral is most common in the market and are certainly of benefit in a good quality product.


Ionic Minerals are still potentially metallic but they have been ionised.  This means they have been electrically charged and your body can simply zap it up.  No need for stomach acid, it is absorbed straight into the body. Absorption is about 99%.  You can get good results from ionic minerals.  For example, they are very useful for people with low stomach acid who have trouble absorbing other types of minerals such as metallic or chelated supplements.

Organic/Plant Based Minerals

Fresh Herbs
Wild Landscape

Because non-organic/metallic minerals have been digested by plants, they are in a completely different form/molecular structure which is easily absorbed by the body.  For example, the aluminium found in plants is completely different to the aluminium in tin foil or a frying pan.


And these plant minerals are so much smaller in size.  Think of plant minerals as being the size of a pin head versus metallic minerals being the size of a football

pin head football.jpg

They are also ionic ie electrically charged and water soluble.  This is why plant minerals can be absorbed and penetrate cells so easily and be transported around the body through the aqueous system.  Remember, your body is 80% water.


As the plant minerals are utilised at a cellular level and are water soluble, they are not stored in the body and can be easily cleared out of your system.  But inorganic metallic minerals are not easy for the body to use.  They are stored in tissues and fat cells where eventually they can build up to toxic levels. 


Plant based minerals contain aluminium, lead, arsenic and other alarming minerals so people get scared when they look at the label!  But, our bodies need trace minerals and as you can see, aluminium and other minerals that are plant derived are quite different to the metallic form as they are easily used and cleared from the body.


Did you realise that nearly all plants contain aluminium?  Broccoli naturally contains aluminium, boron, chlorine, strontium, titanium etc.


But in plant form, these organic minerals are completely different and exactly what your body needs.

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay 

Red Apples

Did you know that an apple contains 3-5 mg of aluminium and trace amounts of lead, arsenic and mercury?


But I don’t remember an unadulterated apple or broccoli ever featuring as a murder weapon in an Agatha Christie novel!

Plant Minerals by Simply Naturals

Simply Powdered Minerals.jpg
Sizzling Minerals.jpg

As the body needs around 70 minerals, preferably plant based, it would obviously be ridiculous to be taking 70 pills a day even if you could find them.

Simply Powdered Minerals and Sizzling Minerals are supplements made by Peter Willoughby’s company, Simply Naturals, and contains 75 plant-based trace minerals.


These Minerals have no artificial colours, carbs or fats and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians.


The minerals are very pure. The company uses reverse osmosis to ensure purity and there are no excipients or additives except for a little stevia to sweeten and sorbitol to prevent tablet degradation.

The Simply Powdered Minerals have a very neutral taste so is easy to take.


The Sizzling Minerals are a fizzy, pleasant tasting drink in a range of flavours.


I now have all my family taking these minerals.


The company has been selling these minerals for over 15 years with over 80% customer retention.  Peter Willoughby says that so many people have found benefit from them.


As minerals are involved in hundreds of processes throughout the body, replenishing with these minerals can affect a very wide range of conditions.


Conditions that customers have found significant improvement/cure include type 2 diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart conditions, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, glaucoma, macular degeneration, arthritis, low energy and more.


Many customers have also found the minerals to help with ADD, ADHD.  Peter says he has seen great results here.


It goes without saying that a healthy diet, exercise, sufficient sleep and managing stress are also important factors in managing your health and energy.


My naturopath helped a client with psoriasis.  She took him off dairy, advised some colonic irrigation and to take the Simply Powdered Minerals.  She says his back now looks like a baby’s bottom!


She discovered these minerals when she was pregnant.  She was feeling utterly exhausted and could barely move by 4pm.  When she started taking these minerals, her energy returned.  In fact, she had so much energy that her colleagues (she is also a clinical pharmacist and was working in a hospital) asked her what she was taking and was it legal?  And if so, where could they get some?  Her whole family, including her young boys, now take them every day along with many friends, colleagues and clients.


I only started my husband and myself on Sizzling Minerals 6 weeks ago.  My husband has been having heart palpitations for about 6 months. He went to the doctor and the specialist.  The specialist did all the tests and then said ‘Well, this can happen when you get older.  We don’t really know why.  Just see how you go and if it gets worse, come back.”  Which was not very helpful.


I asked him the other day how his palpitations were going. He said that he is still getting the palpitations, but the intensity has dropped from about 165/170 down to 130 and the frequency has dropped as well. He is in Spain at the moment but when he returns, I plan to give him the Simply Powdered Minerals plus one Sizzling Mineral per day.  I’ll keep you posted.

UPDATE:   I started my husband on both the Sizzling Minerals and Simply Powdered Minerals when he returned from Spain.  I gave him one Sizzling Mineral and added 1 scoop (scoop is tiny) to the drink.  The palpitations reduced in frequency quite rapidly and after about 4-5 months, he now rarely has them. 


I have glaucoma myself and I am interested to see if they can improve my eye pressures.  I started on drops in my eyes at the age of 40 when my eye pressures became too high. In the last few years, I have managed to lower my eye pressures further through diet, exercise and supplementation although I still need drops.  I will be interested to see what effect the minerals have on my eye pressures.  My appointment is towards the end of the year.  I’ll let you know.


If you are interested in trying these plant minerals, the advice is to take them for 3-6 months to see best results although many people find benefit sooner than that.  For chronic conditions, I would suggest taking the Simply Powdered Minerals and adding one Sizzling Mineral if budget allows.  


For a maintenance dose take 1 or 2 sizzling Minerals per day.  Peter was taking about 5 servings of the Simply Powdered Minerals per day when he was recovering but then his body was under enormous stress and needed a lot of healing.


If you are interested in taking these excellent plant minerals, click the button below:-

Note: You receive £5 off with autoship.

Simply Powdered Minerals and Sizzling Minerals are available in the UK, Europe and Australia.  Don't worry if you are ordering from Australia - orders are processed and invoices sent to the warehouse in Australia who then ship them.  They minerals are not sent from UK. 

Note: Contra-indications - people with kidney failure or heart failure should not take these minerals as small changes in electrolytes can cause problems.  

Testimonials for Sizzling Minerals


Simply Naturals has received thousands of testimonials about Simply Powdered Minerals and Sizzling Minerals.  Below are a few to give you an idea of what people have experienced through taking these minerals.

There are very few companies offering a complete range of plant based minerals. I can only find a couple of other companies offering them but both were more expensive than Simply Powdered Minerals and Sizzling Minerals and I cannot vouch for their quality or efficacy.  Sizzling Minerals were recommended by my naturopath and she also has many testimonials from her own clients.



“After a few short months of consuming the Sizzling Minerals, my husband’s psoriasis has cleared up beyond belief. He has been suffering with psoriasis for many years and it’s incredible to think that nature has given us something so powerful in the minerals and yet we would never in a million years believe how good they are!”

-  Joy


Macular Degeneration

“In February 2013 my mother visited the optician and was told she had macular degeneration and that 1 eye was ‘dry’ and the other ‘wet’. When questioning the consultant as to whether anything could be done to help the problem the consultant suggested that there is no real cure but can be slowed down with good nutrition. 

From this point on, my mother had to suffer a monthly injection into the’ wet ‘eye to help her problem. I cannot imagine how awful that must have been for her. 

When we were introduced to Sizzling Minerals in February this year we immediately put my mother on them and the results have been nothing short of spectacular. It didn’t take too long for the monthly injections directly in the eye to be stopped as the hospital picked up the improvements. The good news continued and you could not believe our sense of satisfaction, but our moment of being total convinced was yet to come. 

Last month Jean was taken into hospital for 10days as a result of a previous condition. During these 10 days she didn’t have her Sizzling Minerals with her and wasn’t therefore taking them. When she came out of hospital to our horror her eye problem was back and another injection was needed. 

Also each month since starting on the Sizzling Minerals her sight test has improved by one or two extra letters

Needless to say, she is back on the minerals!”

-  Rosie & Chris, Caple


Multiple Sclerosis Sufferer

“I am 63 years old and suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. Since taking Sizzling Minerals I thought that the good feelings I was experiencing were possibly psychosomatic as I had this kind of experience with other products. However after months of taking a wafer a day the MS symptoms are still there but I have never felt as healthy as I am right now. I have stopped taking the prescribed medication and I am not missing it one bit.

I recommend that everybody should take a wafer a day.”

-  Mike, Newquay



I'm totally Blown Away by their Sizzling Minerals product; we purchased it through recommendation of a friend who said it helped with her fathers joint pain, when my mother started taking it - the first thing she said after a week or so was her constipation had gone!! if that wasn't enough it only took a few more weeks before she started noticing the pains in her joints weren't as bad or as frequent as they had been. I can't praise this company enough - and when I rang their customer services to ask about this I was greeted quickly & promptly by a real person on the phone :-) Fantastic :-) really so happy we found them!

- Sarah


Type 2 Diabetes & High Blood Pressure – A Thing Of The Past!

“I have suffered from Type 2 Diabetes for 5 years, High Blood Pressure for 14 years approx., Osteoarthritis pain in my knee for 21 years and taking Doctor’s medication and also nutrition supplements from different companies and yet I continued to suffer. I started taking the Sizzling Minerals also the original Juice (liquid minerals). I have now weaned myself off all the doctor’s medications. My right 4th toe no longer goes over my big toe, as deformity had started. For the past three months I can now walk flat as my right foot had a tendency to arch due to the deformity that was creeping in because of Arthritis.

Thanks to Sizzling Minerals my life has improved dramatically.”

- Neville, London UK



“I was introduced to ‘sizzling minerals’ and after reading up on the effects of mineral deficiency it all made sense! I started taking my daily sizzling minerals, which was a pleasant experience in itself. That was just a few short weeks ago and things have happened to me that are truly amazing.

I have suffered with osteoarthritis in my hands for over fifteen years with restrictive movement in my fingers… and it was getting worse. In just a few short weeks of taking the daily sizzling minerals. I now have little or no pain in my hands or fingers and this is only the beginning! I also suffer from type 2 diabetes which was becoming more and more prevalent. Some of the symptoms are swollen feet and night-time pain. Well I am so happy to say that since taking the sizzling minerals I now have no pain in my feet and the swelling has reduced dramatically. Not quite back to normal but after only a few weeks.. Remarkable!

I also had a very poor sleep pattern waking up at all sorts of silly hours in the night. The knock on effect was that I needed an afternoon nap every day. Not anymore! Thanks to my sizzling minerals I now sleep ‘like a baby’ all night long and the afternoon naps are a thing of the past. So my life and health is on the up an up.
I wholeheartedly recommend anyone to the fantastic world of health that sizzling minerals brings.”

-  Fred, UK


Heart Issues & Blood Pressure

“My husband and I are in our seventies and last year, 2013, was our lucky year (lucky we survived it as we both ended up having heart operations) but this year is so very much improved as we are both feeling renewed health now.

His blood pressure is getting lower and mine is getting higher, absolutely fabulous!

I have had low blood pressure for many years which can be a nuisance even when not life-threatening but is not treated generally in the UK. My husband’s BP has always been hereditarily high, culminating in four heart attacks and a triple bypass and even medication does not bring it down where it should be but Sizzling Minerals are achieving what the tablets can’t!

We have always taken a great assortment of supplements but the minerals, krill oil and vitamins not only achieve so much, much more but work out cheaper too! Plus it doesn’t take half an hour everyday to take all our tablets etc!

Hair, nails and skin all look and feel better and stronger and so many aches and pains have disappeared. We are so pleased to be looking forward to a healthy and active old age (about 20- 40 years in the future, I believe) with the help of our sizzling friends.”

-  Gordon & Coreen Haynes, Devon



The Root of All Disease by Elmer E Heinrich

Lecture on Minerals by Ileana Nguyen, Naturopath


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